Ultimate Guide on How to Plan a Hindu Wedding

Most Hindus always prefer to maintain their religious and social traditions in the marriages organized in their families. Thus, they need to plan out the entire wedding function, with all the essential rituals carried out as per the Hindu custom. Select the best month for wedding and finalize wedding date According to the Hindu astronomical […]

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How to plan a wedding during coronavirus

Ever since the pandemic began, physical, large gatherings were immediately suspended. Most countries of the world were hit as this novel virus put the whole world on its feet. As such, planning a wedding cannot be the same way it was pre-pandemic. Here is how to plan a wedding during this period. Hold a mini […]


Wearing shapewear on your wedding day

Which is the ideal shapewear to combine with your wedding dress? Most women dream of their wedding day from a really young age; they picture how the whole event would look, but the thing they spend most of the time trying to imagine is how they would look wearing their wedding gown while walking down […]


Finding The Perfect Bridesmaid Outfit and Shirts For Your Wedding Day

Ok, so you’ve finally picked out the wedding gown and the bridesmaid dresses. Those are some pretty big check marks on your wedding planning list! But, getting dressed and ready for a wedding calls for several more pieces and clothing and accessories. The next step is to figure out what you and your bridesmaids will […]