Best Places for an Indian Wedding in the USA

Many Indians stay permanently in the USA, due to professional reasons. They cannot travel to India for organizing the weddings of their children. So, their primary aim is to hold these weddings in the Indian style, following the traditional culture. A destination wedding is the best option for every modern Indian couple who wants to tie the marital knot in the USA.

Cost for a destination wedding in the USA

The cost of a destination wedding depends on the chosen location, the kinds of wedding events to be held, and the number of wedding guests. Averagely, a destination wedding of an Indian couple in the USA can cost around $35000. The season of the year and the number of days for which the location is booked also play a role in determining this wedding cost.

If a remote wedding location is chosen, it is better to keep the guest list really short, as all may not be able to travel there. If the new couple wants all their well-wishers to join their wedding celebration, the wedding venue should be close to their home or at a well-connected place. The wedding venue should have accommodation facilities for some guests, which will raise the wedding cost.

Popular tourist destinations, like beaches, remain densely crowded during the peak tourist seasons. So, it is better to choose an off-season to organize a wedding there, to avoid the large crowd of tourists. Also, the cost of booking the destination wedding venue is much lower during the off-tourist season compared to the peak time.

What should be included in Indian weddings in the USA?

  • Since wedding preparation starts by inviting all wedding guests, the selection of a beautiful wedding card is the foremost job. Reputed wedding card makers provide the best quality Indian wedding cards in USA, which can impress all guests.
  • The flower is a vital part of wedding venue décor and is also needed for performing an Indian wedding ceremony. Thus, a florist should be hired to meet all the requirements of flowers for this wedding celebration.
  • Wedding dress for the bride and groom should be very important, as these dresses should be designed as per the Indian traditions. Extensively embroidered sari or lehenga of silk or satin can be chosen for the bride while gorgeous Kurta or Sherwani with matching trousers are chosen for the groom.

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  • A wedding feast can be arranged by a reputed local caterer, who should be accustomed to Indian cuisines and beverages. Thus, guests can be served delicious Indian dishes, including both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods made of healthy ingredients.
  • A wedding photographer is another prime requirement of a destination wedding. This photographer can capture all the memorable moments of Indian wedding rituals. The wonderful scenery of the venue makes a great backdrop for all wedding photos and videos.

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  • An expert wedding planner should be hired, who has prior experience in organizing Indian weddings in the USA. Thus, he/she will be able to suggest innovative ways of making the wedding more memorable for the Indian couple and their families.

Some popular places for destination Indian wedding in the USA

  • California – There are several popular destination wedding venues in California, mainly in the southern part of the state. Some luxury resorts serve as romantic wedding venues, against the backdrop of ocean and beach. These resorts also provide comfortable accommodations for wedding guests while weddings occur in the spacious lawns or gardens of resorts.
  • New Jersey – Vast sandy beaches and ancient castles of New Jersey offer brilliant landscapes for conducting great destination wedding venues. Wedding planners get many ideas of organizing Indian weddings in this state despite its smaller area compared to other US states. Many resorts are available for holding weddings luxuriously for Indian new couples.

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  • Colorado – Stunning view of Rocky Mountains is the main attraction for choosing Colorado for holding destination weddings of Indian couples. Thus, several resorts are available on the lakeside or the mountain slopes, where wonderful landscape forms the backdrop of wedding photos and videos. Wedding ceremonies are conducted on the green lawns of these resorts during the summer and spring.
  • Ohio – There are many picturesque landscapes in Ohio, namely the green bank of Lake Erie and the rustic slopes of Hocking Hills. Many resorts are available at these places, where beautiful wedding photos can be taken. Most of these resorts can accommodate a large number of guests, for which Indian couples can invite all their friends and relatives to their weddings.
  • Arizona – All the resorts of this place offer affordable rates for holding destination weddings. Thus, Indians prefer to organize their weddings here, due to the spectacular views of forests, hills, and waterfalls. Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson, and Sedona form the favorite wedding venues, where weddings can be held indoors or outdoors as per the weather conditions.
  • Florida – The presence of many historic hotels of the renaissance period often triggers the interest of Indian couples to hold their weddings at those places. They love these luxury resorts of great historic importance, which are further decked according to the taste of a new couple and their cultural traditions. The natural scenery of the coconut grove or the bank of Biscayne Bay also renders remarkable backdrops to wedding photos and videos.

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  • Washington DC – The capital city of the USA is also a popular site for destination weddings of Indians, mainly due to the availability of luxury hotels and resorts here. The royal atmosphere in some hotels can be perfect for weddings, which also provides the best accommodation to all wedding guests. These hotels also satisfy the taste buds of food lovers, with the display of chosen Indian dishes as well as other types of cuisines for wedding feasts.

Hence, Indian couples settled in the USA can expect to hold grand weddings, following all their cultural or religious traditions. They also follow some rituals common in the USA, like cutting cakes and interesting group activities of wedding guests, as suggested by their wedding planners.