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Finding The Perfect Bridesmaid Outfit and Shirts For Your Wedding Day

Ok, so you’ve finally picked out the wedding gown and the bridesmaid dresses. Those are some pretty big check marks on your wedding planning list! But, getting dressed and ready for a wedding calls for several more pieces and clothing and accessories. The next step is to figure out what you and your bridesmaids will wear while getting ready, what supplies you will need to pack for the big day and how to all that glam gear to the wedding location. These are the top items on your wedding day packing list.

Bridesmaid Shirts

First of all, who doesn’t love a tee?  Matching bridesmaid shirts are comfy enough for running last minute wedding-day errands and are adorable in pre-ceremony photos. And these are no one-hit-wonders, since your girls can wear them for everything from dress shopping, to the bridal shower and big day.

We love:

Super Cute Bridesmaid Shirts – These are a classic for a reason.  In a wide range of colors and sizes (up to 3XL) there is an option for every celebration. The “Brides Maid” version is a cute and easy go-to, but can also select sassier wording like the “bride squad” or “bride tribe” version. And of course, the lady of the moment needs to celebrate her once-in-a-lifetime day in the matching Super Cute Bride Shirt.

Custom Vintage Shirt – your group of girlfriends are extraordinary in every way, so they need to dress up in something that highlights their unique friendship. Custom bridesmaid shirts can show off an inside joke, a sassy saying or just everyone’s names.

Bridesmaid Robes

Easy on, easy off robes are perfect for hair and makeup sessions, which makes them a wedding day must. Soft, luxurious robes turn wedding prep into a spa experience and the photos are super cute.

We love:

Satin Lace Bridal Party Robes –  Trimmed with lace, these satin robes are ultra feminine and features either “Bride” or “Bridesmaid” on the back in chic foil colors. Pick up a white one for the bride and choose from a range of hues to match your wedding décor for rest of the squad. Best of all, they come in both regular and plus size, so there is one to fit the whole party.

After Party Bridesmaid Shirts

Matching bridesmaid shirts

No matter how pretty the bridesmaid dresses are, your besties might want to get out of their gowns and heels as the night goes on. If you plan on dancing the night away at the reception, or at an after party, let your team pack something cute and comfy to change into. Best of all, this is the perfect chance to indulge in one last coordinated look with creative bridesmaid shirts.

We love:

Till Death Do Us Party shirts – These trendy tees are the perfect bridesmaid shirts for a party, whether its the after party of the bachelorette party. Their sassy, comfy and make a statement.

Wife of the Party shirt – You have finally made it from bride to wife!  Get the party started at the reception in this cute tee that celebrates your new title. And, since your bridesmaids are in charge of getting guests out of the seats and on the the dance floor, they absolutely need these matching The Party tees.

Water Bottles

Before the big party, everyone should stay hydrated. Cute water bottles with lids and straws are a necessity because they are convenient and will prevent disastrous spills and lipstick smudges.

We love:

Personalized Leopard Print Tumblers – Animal print is so on-trend and your girls will be using these new favorites for years to come. Plus, having tumblers personalized with their names means there are no lost drinks in the dressing room.

Makeup Essentials and Cosmetic Bag

Even if you are hiring a makeup artist, every member of the bridal party should bring along at least the essentials for touchups. You’ll need powder and blotting paper to take care of any nerve-induced shine, mascara to touch up after happy tears, lipstick for reapplying after sweet wedding kisses. And of course, you will need a makeup bag to round everything up in.

We love:

Cheetah Print Personalized Makeup Bag – Things are bound to get a little wild on wedding day, so this trendy bag will fit right in. Perfectly sized for touch-up essentials, this pouch slips into a purse or tote. And, since it can be personalized with a name, everyone’s eyeshadows and primers will stay organized.

Bridesmaid Totes

Between matching bridesmaid shirts, makeup, shoes and the rest of their glam gear, your bridesmaids have tons of stuff to haul around on your wedding day. Organization is the name of the game and they need a luxe tote to pack all that stuff in to.

We love:

Personalized Jute Tote : With everyone’s stuff scattered across one dressing room, it’s a matter of minutes before Megan tries to put on Caitlin’s shoes. This custom bridesmaid tote, which comes in two sizes, puts everyone’s name front and center, so no one’s things get mixed up.