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How to plan a wedding during coronavirus

Ever since the pandemic began, physical, large gatherings were immediately suspended. Most countries of the world were hit as this novel virus put the whole world on its feet. As such, planning a wedding cannot be the same way it was pre-pandemic. Here is how to plan a wedding during this period.

Hold a mini ceremony

Unlike the pre-pandemic period, this is not the time to have a large number of people at your wedding. Due to the current landscape, you should keep your wedding guests to the barest minimum. You can have just parents from both families, the person who will join the couple and the photographer at the event. Others can watch virtually from wherever they may be in the world. Doing this drastically reduces the chance of someone getting infected with the virus or of more people contacting it.

Fix a weekday

Normally, it is universally believed that weekends are for weddings. However, the pandemic has changed that. Nowadays, some couples get creative and fix their weddings on weekdays such as Thursdays and Fridays, etc. Doing this can also be a cost-effective way to celebrate your wedding. You can make use of the other days to celebrate with others as much as you ant. Furthermore. If you think having a low-key, close wedding party is not for you, you can wait for when the pandemic has slowed down and life is gradually returning to its normal position and then throw a big party.

Provide cleaning options for guests

If you would be having some people in attendance, you have to provide a clean and safe option for them. You are required to provide a bar of soap, sanitizer, and water for hand cleaning, etc. You also have to mandate that everyone wears a face mask and try as much to keep the six feet social distancing rule. The tradition where newlyweds are hugged and kissed should be omitted as the times we live in now kick against that. However, social distancing does not stop the guests and the couple from having fun.

Organize pre-packaged foods

In light of the pandemic, serving people using the traditional plated method or buffet is quite risky. What is best is to prepackage meals. For instance, you can wrap tacos wrapped in foil paper and foods in a takeout container. You can also make covered, boxed meals and give them to your guests. This is a high-level safety they would appreciate. You can design the boxes to match your wedding color. For your wedding cake, instead of making a large one, you can prepare mini-wedding cakes or cupcakes instead. You can read about reliable places to order pre-packaged food for your wedding on

Here are more ways you can plan your wedding without disobeying te coronavirus rules and yet have a memorable wedding:

Embrace the traditions you cherish

Even though you did not originally wish for a micro wedding, remember that it is your wedding day and you should enjoy it to the fullest. If there are any traditions you have always thought of doing for your wedding, you should do them. Traditions are subjective, depending on the couple in question. If tradition to you means slowly waltzing down the aisle, wearing a bright wedding dress with a big bouquet in hand while lovely music plays, you should do it even if there are less than 10 people at the wedding. Traditions like the first dance, ceremony readings, first look, etc. should not be thrown away. Include them in your micro wedding if you feel like it. They will help make the day memorable for a long time to come.

Be creative with colors

Coronavirus does not mean everything should look all gloomy. Choose colors that give positive vibes despite the negativity the world was thrown into. You might have to dump your original plans and get creative with decorating your micro wedding for maximum effect. Dare to do something different yet beautiful on your day. There are many blooms and color schemes, so do not just stick to one option. In choosing colors for your wedding, you also have to consider the interests of your partner so that you both will feel special.

Organize alternative entertainment types

For your micro wedding, dancing may be out as this is not the best period to sweat amidst people. But your guests do not have to be bored. You can set up different types of games on the lawn that you and your guests can play when they feel like it. You can also connect with your guests as a way of passing the time till your party is over. However, provide enough hand sanitizers and soaps so that your guests will remember to clean up before and after any game.

Do not overlook the details

Details are what make the wedding celebration unique to the couple, so do not overlook them. Going for a customized menu, choosing beautiful linens, going for upgraded rentals, etc. can make all the difference. Things such as saying your vows, reading love letters, etc. are not outdated at all. It is your day and it should feel unique to you. Guests have to be satisfied but do not let that control your wedding. As you make your guests feel monumental, work with your photographer to ensure that everything you want to be captured is. Your appearance is also very important. You can check out Barkev’s jewelry reviews to know the right type of jewelry to wear for your wedding including the rings you will be wedding with and where to order them.

Organize a dinner party

It is cozier and more intimate to plan for a dinner party, not a reception. Coronavirus has already minimized your weddings, why not make the most of it making a dinner party out of you? For instance, instead of the 300 guests, you panned for, you can organize a dinner party for the 30 guests that have been carefully handpicked. You can have an intimate party in a large space so that guests still feel cozy though they are subject to the social distance guidelines. This way, you will be able to reallocate the remaining funds and focus on something else that can make your day more colorful.