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Perfects Gifts for Your Wedding Guests

It is often expected that couples as a host on their wedding day give gifts to guests who took out time to attend their special event. This is also considering that the guests are often expected to bring gifts for the couple too. Thus, it is supposed to be a give and take affair that would make your day memorable. However, considering how much expenses and efforts the couple would have put into preparing for the wedding, it is often important to give affordable, yet nice gifts to the guests on this day. The idea would be giving your guest a gift that would be useful to them. It should be a gift that they would be able to relate with and use regularly for a very long time. Whenever they use the gift, they would remember when they got it and where they got it from. Here are some ideas of perfect and memorable gifts that you can give to your guests on your wedding day.

Wall clock

Wall clock is an item that can be hung on the wall in a home to look at a time. Fortunately, it is very possible to have more than one wall clock in a particular room. Thus, you might want to give a wall clock to the guests who attend your wedding. They can place the wall clock in their living rooms or other rooms in their house. They would always get to see the wall clock when they want to know what the time is, it would be a long time reminder of your wedding day and what they brought back from experiencing your union.

Tea towels

Tea towels are very affordable, and you could easily place a bulk order. The tea towels could be distributed to your guest who could subsequently place it on their dining table. Whenever they use their dining table, they would see the towel and it would be a nice reminder of your wedding event and all the nice things that happened during the event.


Mobile phones have made a lot of people stray away from using wristwatches. People could easily forget buying wristwatches even if they want to because their phones are always handy and it can always serve the purpose of the wristwatch. If you can afford it, you can share wristwatches to your guests and you can be sure that they would use it regularly whenever they need to go outing or attend an event.


The jotter is another affordable item that you could share on your wedding day. The picture of the couple could be on the front and back covers as well as on each page of the jotter. People would be able to use the jotter and always see the picture of the couple whenever they use the jotter. Chances are that they would have to preserve what they have written in the jotter for a long time and thus, decades later, they would still come across the jotter and the picture of the couple as they looked during the last days to their wedding.


Mugs are also nice gifts that you can give to your guests at your wedding. They come in handy for drinking coffee, tea, juice, and water that people drink regularly.

You can check out My Wedding Favors for more gift ideas and probably buy the gifts from the platform. However, you should read more about My Wedding Favors before patronizing them. It is worthy of note that you can brand all of these gift items either by printing on it directly or printing on a label that can be pasted on it. The print could contain the picture of the couple as well as their names and the date of the event. If you want an expensive gift for your guests, then you could give them iPhones or other less expensive phones for coming to your wedding.

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