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Ultimate Guide on How to Plan a Hindu Wedding

Most Hindus always prefer to maintain their religious and social traditions in the marriages organized in their families. Thus, they need to plan out the entire wedding function, with all the essential rituals carried out as per the Hindu custom.

Select the best month for wedding and finalize wedding date

According to the Hindu astronomical calendar or Panjika, there are certain auspicious months designated for the wedding. Families of Hindu couples select a suitable date from the given list of wedding dates printed on this calendar. However, January and February are considered the best months for a wedding, due to the pleasant weather at this time. Ideally, it is best to finalize the wedding date at least before a few months.

Discuss the average budget for Hindu wedding

The families of the bride and groom should discuss together all aspects of the wedding, to set up a definite budget to meet all necessary expenses as per their financial capacity. It is best to take the help of a professional wedding planner if the new couple finds it hard to make the list of expenses accurately.

Allocate funds correctly

Since a Hindu marriage comprises a lot of religious rituals, it is best to allocate funds for each wedding ritual separately. There are a huge number of things to purchase for a wedding, the list of all which should be made while jotting down their prices alongside.

Shortlist venues for each of your functions

As there are multiple pre- and post-wedding functions in a Hindu marriage, the new couple needs to decide venues for each function. Usually, Mehendi and Sangeet occur at the bride’s home if there is enough space for these functions. The venues for the wedding ceremony and the reception party should be decided according to the number of guests invited and the budget set for this purpose.

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Decide a theme for décor

Modern Hindu couples want their wedding décor according to a specific theme. The decorations of the wedding venue, selection of flowers, and other décor items depend on the selection of the theme. A wedding planner can suggest the best theme as per the wedding budget and tastes of the new couple.

Go through invitation card designs and shortlist your favorites

The selection of the wedding invitation card is another difficult job for new couples. However, reputed wedding card makers offer various designs for Hindu wedding invitations. So, people can check all templates online and choose a suitable one that can be further customized for inviting their guests.

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Make a list of the pre and post Hindu wedding rituals

A Hindu wedding comprises several rituals before and after the marriage. The families of the new couple should note down all these rituals and the requirements for each ritual. They should make a list of all things to be bought and what needs to be done for every ritual.

Book your favorite Mehendi and makeup artist

A professional Mehendi artist is needed to create brilliant designs of Mehendi on the bride’s hands and feet, to celebrate the Mehendi function. Similarly, an accomplished makeup artist should be hired for making the bride look most beautiful on her wedding day.

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Buy all your wedding outfits and accessories

The wedding outfit of the bride and groom should be purchased long before the wedding, along with all matching accessories. Usually, red, orange, pink, and golden are the colors chosen for wedding outfits. Now, new couples also choose their wedding outfits according to the chosen wedding theme.

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Look for preferred caterers

Wedding guests need to be pleased by serving them delicious foods. Thus, it is best to hire a reputed local caterer, who can offer different varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods and refreshing soft drinks as per the culture and budget of the new couple.

Book wedding photographer

All the precious moments of the wedding functions should be captured in the form of photos and videos. Thus, the new couple should hire a professional photographer who knows all about wedding photography.

Book entertainers for all functions

Apart from tasty foods, guests should also be entertained with music, dance, and other enjoyable programs. A reputed DJ artist and dancers may be hired for performing before wedding guests, to make every moment memorable for them.

Keep track of how much you’ve spent

Though it may seem hard, the families of the new couple should keep an eye on the expenses during the wedding preparations. They should find ways to stick to the decided budget, to prevent from getting bankrupted.

Wise and prior planning can make a Hindu wedding memorable for the new couple and their guests for lifelong.