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Wearing shapewear on your wedding day

Which is the ideal shapewear to combine with your wedding dress?

Most women dream of their wedding day from a really young age; they picture how the whole event would look, but the thing they spend most of the time trying to imagine is how they would look wearing their wedding gown while walking down the aisle. This moment is the most precious one in their minds and looking spectacular in their wedding dresses is crucial.

Brides work a lot to look amazing on their special day, from the hairstyle to the make-up. However, searching for the perfect dress (most of them choose to have it hand-made to wear a unique piece) is essential, going through several fitting tests is something usual; therefore, it is no strange that looking for the right undergarments is just as important.

The piece of clothing the bride will wear beneath her dress is very important, as she needs to feel comfortable and confident throughout the ceremony and party. Many brides even choose to wear shapewear to contour their silhouette and accentuate their curves. Of course, this is a personal choice, but it is a pretty common one; since most brides want their bodies to look smooth and curvy on their big day. If you are looking for shapewear right now, we recommend you grasp the shapermint discounts for christmas sale.


How to choose the right shapewear according to your dress silhouette and to your body?

The first thing you need to consider while searching for the perfect shapewear is which parts of your body you want to smooth or accentuate, but also taking into account the shape of your wedding dress. The type of shapewear you will be able to wear depends completely on the dress´s structure. For example, if your wedding gown consists of a strapless corset bodice, you will have to wear a strapless shaping bodysuit. If you are wearing a low-cut dress, you will have to wear some form U plunge shaping bodysuit. If you are looking to accentuate the waist or bottom, you can wear shaper shorts or thongs. The possibilities are many; there are tons of different styles of shapewear for each outfit.

You also need to consider the color of your dress when choosing your undergarment. Luckily, shapewear is available in many different colors and shades; you must consider which one matches the color of your dress so it doesn’t show through its fabric.
Another important aspect regarding shapewear is that you must try it on to make sure how you feel in it. Never leave the search for the shapewear for the last minute. As we said, brides need to feel comfortable and confident on their big day; that is why it is imperative to try your garments on with anticipation. You should always feel comfortable wearing your shapewear; try them on, dance, and move around with them, evaluate how you feel while wearing them. You must be able to move freely on them, if you feel squeezed, it means it is not right for you. Picking the right size is important, most women tend to get smaller sizes to get a stronger compression effect, but that is a big mistake. Getting a smaller size not only will make you look bulky than smooth, but it will make you look extremely uncomfortable. Therefore, check the size chart to pick the right shapewear for your measurements.

Which is the best type of shapewear to wear under your dress?

As we said, there are tons of different types of shapewear; to help you find the right match for your dress, here are the most popular pieces of shapewear.

Sculpting body: This shapewear is ideal and adapts to most dresses as they come in a big variety of designs. Some have adjustable straps, and some are strapless. They cover the whole torso, from the breast to the hips; some even can reach the knees. They are ideal to flatten your tummy, accentuate your hips and waist, and offer light support for your breasts. This type of shapewear is ideal to wear beneath a corset bodice type of dress.

Shapewear shorts: Some shorts cover from the waist to a few inches above the knee, some even cover up to just below the bust. They are perfect to wear beneath almost any kind of dress if you are looking to accentuate the waist and bottom, except for really short and cut-legged dresses. This undergarment will tuck the tummy, shape the tights making them slimmer, and smooth the hips.

Sculpting slip: This shapewear helps contour and shape the body, giving light support to the breasts.

High-waisted briefs and thongs: They go from the waist to the hips. They flatten the tummy and accentuate the curves giving a perfect silhouette. They are perfect to wear beneath tight dresses as they don´t leave marks in the rear, especially the thongs.