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Wedding Planning Mistakes Couples Make without a Wedding Planner

We offer wedding management services (also known as ‘day-of coordinator’ or ‘wedding planning’) to couples who prefer a DIY approach. We are not fans of ballroom weddings. However, the majority of wedding venues we work with do require a wedding coordinator, even if it’s just for assistance on the day of the event. We know that engagement season is just around the corner. That’s right, most couples get engaged between December and February. So, we thought it would be a great time to discuss the most common wedding planning mistakes couples make when they don’t hire a full-service wedding planner (so you can avoid them!).

Not Creating a Floor Plan Before Designing

It may not seem exciting, but creating a floor plan is an important step before beginning the design process. We often see couples hiring a florist or deciding their guest count based on the maximum occupancy of the wedding venue, without considering how many people the space can actually accommodate once all the design elements are added (such as a 3-dimensional seating plan or velvet sofas for the lounge area). Don’t forget about the dance floor! We frequently come across this mistake when we’re in the final four weeks of planning, tying up loose ends. If you’re planning your wedding yourself, make sure to prepare a floor plan before diving into the design.

Not Asking Guests if They Will Take the Shuttle on the RSVP Card

It’s not uncommon for guests in the Hudson Valley to use a shuttle to travel from their hotel to the wedding venue. We want to ensure our shuttle numbers are accurate and not underestimated or overestimated. We always recommend that couples ask their guests to indicate on their RSVP cards whether they plan to take the shuttle, so we can arrange enough transportation.

Assuming Guests Will Attend an After Party

As wedding planners, we can tell you that not all guests will be interested in attending an after-party. Your family and friends are likely to be happy to dance with you at the wedding. When closing time arrives, some guests may want to leave, especially if it’s a destination wedding and they’re departing the following day. We often see couples spending a significant amount of money on an after-party, only to realize that their guests are not as interested as they initially thought.

Not Hiring a Wedding Planner Before Booking Vendors and a Venue

This is for couples who don’t want to DIY but aren’t sure when to hire a wedding planner. We offer venue scouting separately because we believe that the earlier you get professional help with your wedding planning, the better. Many couples wish they had hired us before booking their wedding venue. Wedding venues can consume a large portion of your budget, and they often involve more decisions than you might anticipate!”

DA Event Planning is founded by Daniela Alvarez, an Indian wedding planner in Miami who is dedicated to creating the most beautiful and memorable weddings for her clients. She is passionate about all aspects of wedding planning, from helping you with the vision and theme of your wedding to crafting the perfect timeline for your big day.